Thursday, May 25, 2017

No Mean People

Alright, I'm a bitch, I'm mean and I'm horrible. Really, I am. I'm so bad They put me in jail. I'm mean, really mean, just ask Them. I'm sure They will tell you exactly how mean I am.

So, why would anyone listen to me when I say "No Mean People"? Because, while I'm allowed to be mean, if you work for government you're not allowed to be mean because you have a job of service to everyone else.

What if we have mean policies? Yes, more than one of our laws are actually mean to individuals (and groups) for any number of reasons.

Yeah, you see the problems we have.

End violent governments and I bet fewer people who work for Them will be mean.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Finding Love

So, complete random life that has transpired leading me through some interesting times, meeting amazing humans and finding people I like, making symbols out of them as they relate to my life story and wow, what kind of planet do we live on anyway?

My life is the life stories of all kinds are written about, the character I play in my moment right now is "The Lovers", as such was the role I happened to choose somehow for occupy. I'm happy for my choice and the road it's taken me on even though it TOTALLY wasn't the road others thought I should be traveling then, they saw it. Whew! Now, I hope they will just really start listening and supporting this impossible dream we're making real today. I wonder, could that really happen or will the world just always be mean and I just can stay anonymous and do nothing. I can always do that. =)

I'm looking for love, that forever or infinite kind of stuff that I think we can have in all kinds of ways. I think, some days, I could love anyone who thinks they could love me, and not too many men or women would dare try that or even want to try that with me, so, idk, I know #myNeWBoYfriend is growing and trying to make it to a new level, yet, rn, I think he's just my friend for right now.

Life is dynamic and some changes shift the world, like my daughter graduating from high school next year. I will no longer need to hold her homestead, and she's in college and on her own! A new freedom for the both of us. And, that's when my search for love goes into high active gear!

First, I think I wanna meet #mycybercrush. Mostly because I think it would be fun. Then, oh, I don't know, planning or just letting it flow, what am I gonna do?

Saturday, November 22, 2014

When We Lose Our Faith

"If I ever lose my faith, remind me to #stfu and just listen 2 u and do exactly as you tell me to do." Nikohl Vandel

Having faith in our world, as one may happen to find it, may be impossible. If you have lost your faith, find someone you trust who knows more than you and, if they still have faith, Nikify them until your own faith returns, if it does.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Blahnde Moments, I Still Have Them

Are they wrong?

One would think, wouldn't they, that after being put in jail I would find a way to curtail the way this world confuses me.  Yet, I find myself, after the jail experience, not less confused, but more so.  Really confused.

So, I did the American thing, I went to get involved in our government -- they say, "Be The Change," and that one can never be a part of the solution if not involved in the problem, right?  So I decided, the problem wasn't me, it was my government that put me in jail.

So, the problem lies there and I should begin to get involved, again.  And, they record everything on video at Los Angeles City Council -- have you watched it lately?  The way they run their meetings are confusing at best, not straight forward at all, and transparency doesn't seem to be a hallmark of that body of government.

So, to follow along with the dialog I shared with them, one should listen to the whole thing, and envision on Tuesday outside the City Hall sanitation trucks and other huge trucks like that circling the building with their horns blaring!!!

I realize that my issue just seems so small in comparison, yet, somehow, I know its important because the Masons and folks like that take things like the Red Rope really, really seriously.  I just wish I remembered what it all meant.  I DO know, what it means in my own head as I voiced to that body of government, I really think that The Red Rope is something that has no place in our government "of the people, by the people and for the people."  So, PLEASE, tell me if I'm just having another blonde moment or whether this is a real issue that I should continue to address with the City Council.

Tuesday 1 July 2014
Wednesday 2 July 2014

Friday, July 5, 2013

the heat can get you

even at night.  there are times when it is just relentless.  days and nights, it doesn't matter, the heat is just always there.  sure, you can cheat it, air conditioning or a swim, but it doesn't remove the fact that it is hot.

and you can use that metaphor how ever you want.

at the end of the day, reality is what it is.

in taking the moments of your day if you did not realize that truth -- its balance of perfection -- was the one most desired in that moment, then I guess tomorrow is something you can hope for ... it will probably come, a sure thing.

but, the truth is, "what are words for, when no one listens anymore?"

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

going with the flow

of a cosmic reality as the gamma rays hit in that palce where it feels like only you could possibly the one with the right(eousness) answer for this moment to be in the perfect moment is the safety net of the blahnde in the room.  the one that just sees that nano that needs a friend.  to identify with a reality is the process of this moment.

to be honest, i have no idea Who "Son of a Preacher Man" belongs to, but whomever it is has until the nhsSolstice2ol3 (location) or this song means to me in this moment.  tantra can be so confusing, but it is the most intriguing of all the disciplines to me.  KeepItSimpleSmartie(=!#findNikiV113)